Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thomas Heatherwick speech

Just came back from a great speech by Thomas Heatherwick. Very humbled by his vision and way of articulating his process. Most of his comments on architecture can be applied to design so it was just a very informative and encouraging share. While his interviewer/speaker no.2 交大教授曾成德talked about nothing. Mediocre content with a lot of fancy words that really means nothing at all. There was a moment when Heatherwick was distracted by something and said "oh I forgot what i was talking about" and the professor said "I forgot too" and moved on to the next topic. CRINGE. His answer to the question "a suggestion for students planning on becoming architects" is "be optimistic" and then laughs with a few audiences as if it was an inside joke. What kind of an answer is that, really? Overall, I just think design, architecture, anything remotely intellectual or requires some depth has no depth in Taiwan. At least in academia that is. I'm such a hater. Anyway back to Heatherwick,

Thursday, March 3, 2011


i think i've come down with post-exhibition depression.
if anything like it does exist. i want to reformat my computer, go back home down south, sleep for a week and then wake up and drive to the beach.
why am i back at the beginning again? it's frightening.
i need to do something else, quick.

my favorite piece of all time
did it in second year
wish i have a better scan