Friday, June 25, 2010

澎湖- 海風炊烤

w's buddies at the beachside barbecue.
i think the stray cats there rule the island.

澎湖- 望安古厝

back! such a lovely trip. just not being around crowds and traffic was fantastic. the people were dark and luminous, the ocean was just sand and salt, the houses were made of corals and shingles...everything was in its own place.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

lovely Pauline

follow up on the JPG show, i wrote to Pauline asking if she could send me an image of the big underwear concept sketch i love ( i was going to sneak a photo of it but didn't dare with the virtue police beside me), and she did! she replied, with oh so awesome this:

anyway, go see the show, the sketch is even more amazing in person

Thursday, June 3, 2010

JPG at 北美館

another crazy show with jean paul gaultier fashion at 北美館. i like the overall feeling of the room and the sketches oh my god by pauline binoux is lovely.
i do recommend, but not to everyone as it is a "weird" show"

meet the innovator yes!

attended a seminar/presentation with Frog Design's Hartmut Esslinger and 3 other (local)big shots, the presentation was great (i love color blocks and lots of pictures), but i feel bad for the other people who had to sit through the mediocre translation. 詹偉雄 goes on about steve jobs the god, and how we should all live beautiful lives by using beautiful products (as prescribed by his elitist columns). 禧冠 was witty and more pragmatic which i appreciated. it seems like all the discussions about design in taiwan is how awful cost-down solutions are and how the taiwanese design world will be so much better if we just let that go, break open our checkbooks and really deliver perfection without compromise. but i mean, it's never going to happen here, it's just not us, because we want cheap and fast money so we make cheap and awkward products. i donno, i'm very cynical.

禧冠 Esslinger 王志仁 詹偉雄